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Congratulations on enrolling in the upcoming ThetaHealing seminars with Vianna.

Here is the ThetaHealing Contracts,  along with the Addendum Contract with the terms for teaching ThetaHealing. This contracts will be gone over by Vianna or Guy at the start of the seminar. Once you open the contract the system will guide you through all the places to fill out and sign.

Once you have completed this contracts and the seminar, Guy will sign on the last day making you an official ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner. Both the contract and seminar have to be completed in order to teach (in case of an Instructors seminar).

Complete this before the seminar for fastest registration.

Love and Gratitude

ThetaHealing Headquarters

ONLY FILL OUT THOSE CONTRACTS OF CLASSES YOU ATTEND! Fill out one version with the Main Contract, the remaining you can fill out the Addendum only.

You and Your Inner Circle: Main Contract and Addendum


You and Your Inner Circle: Addendum only


You and the Earth: Main Contract and Addendum


You and the Earth: Addendum only


You and Your Inner Circle Instructors: Addendum


You and the Earth Instructors: Addendum