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ThetaHealing DVD Paket


ThetaHealing DVD Paket

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Die vier englischen DVDs in einem Paket mit 15% Rabatt!

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Digging DVD (Englisch)

This ThetaHealing Digging and Belief Work DVD Features one of the techniques ThetaHealing is most known for, created by Vianna Stibal. The classes and books of ThetaHealing are designed as a therapeutic self-help guide to develop the ability to manifest and heal.

CHF30.70 CHF26.10

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ThetaHealing DVD (Englisch)

In this DVD Vianna Stibal, World renowned teacher, author, healer and intuitive, talks in lenght about the foundation and beginning of the technique she founded, known today as ThetaHealing. Vianna, describes in her simple, yet profound way, how to go up and work with God...

CHF24.70 CHF21.00

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Manifesting Revised and Expanded DVD (Englisch)

Manifesting has always been a very important part of Vianna Stibals life and through her connection with the Creator of All That Is she has manifested true abundance in every aspect of her life for the past 17 years...

CHF30.70 CHF26.10

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Enlightenment DVD (Englisch)

In this enlightenment DVD Vianna will explain her personal opinions and perspectives of Theta brain waves and why they are so beneficial to ThetaHealing as a healing modality or just a way to connect with the Creator Of All That Is!

CHF12.40 CHF10.54

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