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ThetaHealing Practitioners & Instructors Seminars with Vianna Stibal

As soon as Winter ends in Switzerland and Spring begins, Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing will be in Switzerland to teach a series of Practitioners and Instructors Classes, March to April 2018, in St. Gallen.

St. Gallen is a smaller City in Switzerland, which is close to the Austrian and German Border. The city of St. Gallen, with the Abbey District (a listed World Heritage site) is a real tip for city break fans. The rural area of St. Gallen is an ideal area for cycling and walking which always offers a view of the lake and mountains.

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At the Event in St. Gallen a series of classes are offered, which provides for all levels of Training a compatible seminar to benefit.

ThetaHealing Practitioners can extend their knowledge with the Seminars Growing your relationships you and your significant other or you and God. Or they can start their way as ThetaHealing Instructors with Basic DNA Instructors.

ThetaHealing Instructors can deepen their knowledge and skills with a variety of instructor classes and also with the new “Growing your relationships” classes.

We offer several Translations at the event in St. Gallen. As the European ThetaHealing Office is hosting this event, all of the offered Translations are free of extra charge. Check out the offered seminars and available Translation here:


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Awaken your amazing adventure with Basic DNA Instructors and continue your growth with Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper Instructors.

Learn to teach about and connect with nature and animals from another perspective with Plant Seminar and Animal Seminar Instructors.

Really discover your relationships to yourself, your significant other and God at Practitioners / Instructors seminar with Vianna Stibal. Learn to truly accept and love yourself.

Enhance your intuitive skills and learn from Vianna how to release the emotions from each system to help you and your students grow.