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ThetaHealing® Instructor Seminars 2019 in Switzerland

ThetaHealing® Instructor Seminars 2019 in Switzerland

Thursday, October 3rd 2019 is again the time: Vianna Stibal is coming with her husband, Guy Stibal, to St. Gallen, Switzerland for the fifth time, to teach various ThetaHealing instructor seminars. We are looking forward to this and the preparations are running already. The slogan for these 4 1/2 weeks of seminars is: Making Your Dreams a Reality. The following instructor seminars are offered during this Event:

  • Basic Instructors | 03 – 06 of  October 2019
  • Advanced Instructors | 08 – 10 of October 2019
  • Dig Deeper Instructors | 12 – 13 of October 2019
  • Manifesting & Abundance Instructors | 14 – 15 of October 2019
  • World Relations Instructors | 17 – 21 of October 2019
  • Soulmate Instructors | 24 – 25 of October 2019
  • You and Your Significant Other Instructors | 26 – 27 of October 2019
  • You and The Creator Instructors | 29 – 30 of October 2019
  • You and Your Inner Circle Instructors | 31 of October – 01 of November 2019
  • You and The Earth Instructors | 04 – 05 of November 2019

All seminars are held in English. There are different translations available.

You can register on our new  ThetaHealing Instructor Website, where you can find all the instructor seminars offered worldwide. In the FAQ section we are explaining the registration process for you.

Here you can find the offered seminars and dates, so that you can start planning your trip to St. Gallen. Below the Seminar-Overview you can find some important information like venue, accommodation, How to get there, etc. Please plan your stay in St. Gallen as early as possible. during the time of the event an exhibition (OLMA) takes place in St. Galen, which attracts a lot of people every year. Therefore, cheap hotel rooms are always booked quickly. If you are going to book early, you can easily find good accommodations. We negotiated a contingent at nearby hotels: Hotel VadianHotel Dom and Hotel Elite Garni. At these hotels, you can sign up with the booking keyword “ThetaHealing” to benefit from it.

We are looking forward for your registration. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.

Your W-Cooperations Team